CFO Advi‍‍‍sory Services

Companies that are not in a position to hire a full-time CFO are often the companies that would benefit most from the combined expertise of experienced CFOs and Auditors. BSF financial services were founded to meet this need. Every business is different, and we custom design our services accordingly.

    Enhance Profits & Operations

    All work is a process and all processes can be analyzed and improved. It is a line by line in-depth analysis of your Profit and Loss statement that looks at each component to identify opportunities to increase revenues or reduce costs.”

    We will among other:

    • Develop programs to effective improve cash collections
    • Evaluate and enhance the cash forecasting processes
    • Slice and dice profitability – Analyze profit by customer, by region & by product
    • Evaluate cost systems and help company determine whether all costs are being properly considered
    • Implement cost reduction programs and provide expenditure analysis
    • Evaluate, model and support effective pricing initiatives
    • Create budgets, forecasts and business models to enhance management control of current operations, strategic initiatives and major transactions.
    • Develop accounting and operating control and audit policies to ensure accurate and compliant reporting to owners and stakeholders.
    • Analyze sales, inventory, accounts receivable and payables process.
    • Mentor and train in-house staff.

    Strategic Planning

    A strategic plan is the key to business success. Yet many companies operate without one! We'll lead a disciplined program that:

    • Defines your customers
    • Identifies your customers' needs and buying criteria
    • Assesses your strengths
    • Pinpoints your weaknesses
    • Focuses on your opportunities
    • Establishes meaningful objectives
    • Sets measurable goal

    ‍‍‍‍‍‍Sales Increase & Gross Profit Optimization

    First we understand how increasing sales align with your company strategic objectives and have a clear picture where you were in sales and results and where you are heading. Then we will be better suited to bring about sales increasing and opportunities ideas. Using analytic tools normally used to assess the financial state of a business, we can understand customer' behaviors better — and understand the relationship between customers and profitability. Gross profit is the difference between the cost of goods sold and sales.

    Since the adherence of the actual to the budgeted or standard gross profit figure is highly desirable, a careful analysis of unexpected changes in gross profit is useful to a company's management. These changes are the result of one or a combination of the following.

    • Changes in sales prices of the products.
    • Changes in volume sold.
    • Changes in number of physical units sold.
    • Changes in the types of products sold, often called the product mix or sales mix.
    • Changes in cost elements, i.e., materials, labor, and overhead costs

    Evaluating New Business Opportunities

    New business opportunities can be the key to your company's growth, but leaping blindly into an entrepreneurial "adventure" can be a costly mistake. BSF can help you take a planned approach to your new business effort. We'll provide the "up front" analysis.
    We'll provide the "up front" analysis that can:

    • Tell you if you're financially strong enough to make the move.
    • Plan your investment, budgeting funds when they will be needed and identifying their source.
    • Project when your venture will be profitable.
    • Identify your manpower needs.
    • Help you select accounting and information management systems.
    • Establishes meaningful objectives
    • Structure your overall business plan.

    CFO Advisory Services‍‍‍‍‍‍

      Working Capital Improvement

      • Working capital is the money that a business has available for use or is the amount of current assets that remains after current liabilities are deducted (current assets minus liabilities).

      • Efficient working capital management is of the utmost importance and central to an organization’s operational health. BSF have extensive experience developing and implementing working capital improvement programs that quickly reduce the working capital requirements and improve liquidity position. We move beyond reliance on calculations and ratios and utilize our deep operational experience to develop fundamental improvements to your company’s operating processes and establish adequate working capital targets

        Banking & Lending Relationships

        Businesses should cultivate a relationship with their bankers — ideally, long before they need a loan — and treat that relationship as a long-term partnership and start borrowing money and obtain loans and credit lines when they don’t need it. Solid banking and lending relationships are based on trust and good communications between the banker (lender) and the borrower. It goes by supplying lenders with accurate and timely financial statements, good cash flow and income projections, and keeping them informed about major business decisions and activities.BSF can help you with obtaining funds for growth or survival. We offer guidance to:

        • Establish, strengthen and nurture a professional and mutually beneficial relationship with a company's banking/financing partners
        • Ensure compliance with loan covenants
        • Take the lead in preparing any loan packages/financial projections that may be required in support of credit line/loan applications or renewals
        • Create business plans and "pitch packages"
        • Provide lender support and relationship activities
        • Identify and negotiate new lender opportunities.



          Provision of independent and unbiased assessments of value for businesses and business interests based upon financial appraisal with the following scope:

          • Litigation, such as family law or shareholder disputes
          • Buy-sell agreements

          • Due Diligence

            Measurement Programs

            We can structure performance measurement programs that will help you to:

            • Determine the real costs of running your business.
            • Understand how you are making money.
            • Identify opportunities to maximize your profit

              Crisis Management

              • Develop effective turn-around action plans and ass

              • Ensure company messages to its employees, creditors and owners are clear and consistent

              • Help to reestablish "normalcy"

                Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures.

                During periods of growth or downsizing, companies face unique challenges and opportunities.
                Our experience with mergers, acquisitions and divestitures allows us to help you:

                • Analyze the real value of the company being acquired.
                • Project cost reductions through elimination of duplicated functions.
                • Create practical financial models.
                • Develop the necessary team of experts.

                If you plan to exit your business and transform your equity into cash you may need assistance every step along the way. Our advisers can work with a company’s management to create a business exit strategy plan that works for all interested parties. Some business exit strategies where we can assist include: Sale, Merger, IPO, Buyout, Liquidation of asset.

                  Other Advisory Services

                  • Treasury and Investments
                  • Corporate or Project Finance
                  • Management Process Improvement

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