FINANCE Recruitment

Finance Corporate Recruitment
We partner with you to place professionals with talent in strategic fulltime positions in a timely and efficient manner. We assume ownership and accountability for the recruitment process from start (requisition) through the end (final a‍‍‍ppointment).

We manage each step of the process:

Study your candidate profile
Identify of the most suitable candidates in our database
Advertise to increase the choice of
Screen resume, conduct interviews and assess relevant experience, personal qualities and motivation of those candidates
Provide you with a shortlist of candidates for the final interviews
Conduct and evaluate the candidates’ psychometric tests (optional) on personality and ability
Make standard reference checks before offer is handed out
Assist you in anyway we can to obtain ultimate success and satisfaction.

Thus, enabling us to delivering you the following operational benefits:

  • Reduction in overall recruitment costs
  • Improved quality in service delivery
  • Enhanced reporting for better decision making
  • Retention of strategic role of HR
  • Accelerate organizational change
  • Delivering value

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