‍‍‍‍‍‍Workshop List (Sorted by Category)

BSF has the capabilities to provide In-House training based on the list below on a per course/per day. If you don't have a large enough group for a specific course, then you may provide us with the number and names of planned participants for the selected workshops so to bring individual clients requests together to plan for the successful delivery of the training. This way, we can plan a public seminar for a group of individuals with a common‍‍‍ training goal. Just tell us you're interested and we can definitely work together to make plans for your training‍‍‍

    General Accounting

    • Effective Accounts Receivable Management and Credit Controls

    • Closing The Accounting Books

    • Crash Course In Accounting “For Everyone”

    • Crash Course In Finance “For Everyone”

    • Inventory Management, Accounting and Controls

    • Fixed Assets Management, Accounting and Controls

    • Payroll Management, Accounting, Taxation, and Controls

    • Accounts Payable Management and Controls - Best Practices

    Business Planning and Budgeting

    • Budgeting Concepts Policy, Procedure and Beyond
    • Budget Building Fundamentals and Dynamics
    • Capital Budgeting Financial Appraisal
    • Preparing, Managing and Controlling The Master Budget
    • How To Successfully Prepare Business Plans
    • What Every Business Needs To Know About Budgeting

    Audit, Internal Controls & Fraud

    • Essentials Of Internal Auditing
    • Designing Internal Controls For Companies
    • Introduction To Corporate Financial Fraud
    • Detection and Prevention Of Financial Statements Fraud‍‍‍‍‍‍

    Training List

      Cashflow Management & Treasury

      • Essentials Of Treasury Management
      • Improve Your Business Cash Flow – Basic Fundamentals
      • Improve Your Business Cash Flow – Planning and Managing Your Cash Flow
      • What Ever‍‍‍y Business Needs To Know About Cash Flow

        Finance & Banking

        • Interpretation Of Financial Statements, Analysis and Ratios

        • Accounting and Finance For Non-Financial Managers

        • Financial Analysis and Forecasting – Senior Analyst Technique

        • Financial Analysis and Forecasting – Strategic Approach and Application

        • How To Successfully Plan and Negotiate A Bank Loan

        • Business Valuation - Principles into Practices


          • Investments and Financial Markets
          • Modern Investments Using Derivatives and Technical Analysis

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