offshore company fo‍‍‍‍‍‍rmation

Why to establish an Offshore company in Lebanon?

1- Laissez-faire economy and business environment
2- Strong banking systems and secrecy laws and ease of capital flows
3- Skilled and multi-lingual workforce (English, French & Arabic)
4- Developed business legal and regulatory framework.
5- Minimal corporate fiscal charges, taxes and annual maintenance.
6- Prompt and timesaving company formation, office setup and business launching.
7- Full ownership by foreign investors with limited personal liability.

Comparison Overview Of Regional Offshore Companies
Selecting the right Offshore Company – Key issues to know

Lebanese Offshore Company Registration Pre-Requirements

  1. Names of company (Arabic and English), types of shares (nominative or bearer). If it is nominative shares then a list of the shareholders is required along with the shares’ value, number and percentage of shares, ID cards, full address and contacts’ details.
  2. Term and corporate purpose in line with the offshore company law decrees.
  3. Office address supported by a lease contract or title deed.
  4. Capital amount of LBP 30,000,000 or USD 20,000 as minimum may be deposited in foreign currency – Bank Deposit Receipt.
  5. Quorum and majority for decisions by the Ordinary and Extraordinary Board of Directors’ meetings who appoint the Chairman, distribute the members’ responsibilities, and assign signatory powers.
  6. Commercial circular and Incorporation certificate
  7. Appointment of an auditor
  8. If the shareholder is a legal entity, the following documents are required:
    1. Articles of incorporation
    2. Registration certificate
    3. General assembly resolution and signatory power certificate entitling the official responsible to act, execute, sign and represent it in the newly formed offshore company’s Board of Directors.
    4. Foreign legal entities to certify the above documents at the Commercial Registry and the Lebanese Consulate of the origin country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon.
  9. The payment at least ¼ of the value of the Company's shares upon subscription and the full payment of the remaining amount later on through an empowered General Assembly that pre-confirms the subscription process and elects the first Board of Directors unless its members are appointed in the Articles of Incorporation.

Registration Period
One-day after the reception of the pertaining legal and administrative requirements and the Bank Deposit Receipt slip.

Setup Fees: US$ 3,750
Covers legal, governmental, registration, administrative and follow-up charges.

Annual Maintenance Fees: US$ 2,750
Covers the preparation of certified Board of Directors’ minutes of meetings (ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies), basic audit, and fulfilling governmental responsibilities such as income tax and NSSF clearance.

Physical Address Fees: US$ 300 per year
Covers the provision of a physical address in the center of Beirut along with a PO Box no.

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